The Winning One-Liner: How to Create a Winning One-Liner{ Plus Templates}

Have you ever attended a conference and when you tell people what you do they show signs of not understanding what you’re talking about? Instead of telling you this exactly what we need at our company?

Do you think you really don’t know what you do? No, you only don’t know how to tell what you do and I want to help with that using one secret called The Storybrand one-liner.

The storybrand one-liner is a concise statement that you can use to explain what you do or offer, essentially it’s a distilled version of your brand script composed of three parts namely; Problem, Solution, and Results/Reward.

It gives you a simple, clear, and memorable way to tell potential customers what you do and, how “what you do” benefits them.

You can also use one-liner to outline the problem you help customers solve in a simple, relevant, and repeatable way. In simple words, it’s designed to draw people into a conversation about your product by opening a story loop.

As I’ve said that one-liner is comprising three parts, here’s how you use the three parts to answer the question “what do you do?”

The Problem Your Customers are Facing

Before you write the key problem, your customer is facing you should do research by either interviewing your customers, asking them questions like what was your main pain point before purchasing our product.

The answer to this question will help you understand better your customer’s pain points. Or you can research your target customers’ pain points on google or social media. In fact, if you go to social media you will see how they interact and the type of questions they ask their friends to help.

Here’s an example of a problem that most B2B Saas start-ups are facing. Since I Am a Saas copywriter, I spent most of my time in Saas startup groups, and here’s one problem that most of the startups face;

Many B2B Saas start-ups are burning cash on marketing and ads driving people to landing pages that don’t convert.

A landing page that doesn’t convert is a problem for you as a founder and if you don’t find a solution, you’ll continue losing and wasting money on ads.

So, when I Am approached by Saas founders and ask me what I do, I always start a conversation using the problem statement “Many B2B Saas start-ups are burning cash on marketing and ads driving people to landing pages that don’t convert.”

the statement helps me to get the person’s attention knowing inside his/her brains, he/she is like “it's true, this is exactly what I am facing now.”

After I have won their attention, it’s now time to move to the next part which is the solution.

The Solution

For example, in my state as a copywriter, this is how I tell about my solution;

I help B2B Saas start-ups clarify their marketing message and convert more web visitors into customers.

Remember, I started by telling them a problem and now I am telling them the solution to the problem without even selling my services. I am avoiding the phrase called salesy.

After you have told them what you do, it’s good now to talk about success.


Everyone has a desire in life. If you’re a Saas founder for example; your desire can be to reduce marketing spent while increasing sales and leads. If you show your customers that you can help them gain their desired results then be ready to win them. Let me show you one example that I frequently use to give my copywriting and messaging strategy customers a picture of how things can look like after I’ve solved their problems.

Clients that work with me as often reduce their marketing spent while increasing sales and leads.

Now that I have shown you how you can come up with your one-liner, it’s also good if I give something that will help in creating one. Here’s a template that you can use in creating your one-liner.

After you’ve filled the first draft, you can now move on and wrap it together.

Brown Moses is a certified and professional B2B Saas copywriter and a messaging strategist who has worked with companies like 247PPL-Leads on Demand Wiremo.